The Scientific Conferences as Follows:

1-The first scientific conference on Arab-Turkish relations /1989

2-The second scientific conference on Arab-Turkish Relations/ 1991

3-The third scientific conference on Arab-Turkish Relations /1995

4-The fourth scientific conference on Arab-Turkish Relations in the Face of the 21st Century/ 2000

5-The fifth scientific conference entitled "Iraq and neighboring countries" for the period 20-21 December 2006.

6-The sixth scientific conference on the future of Iraq's relations with neighboring countries on 27 and 28 May 2009.

7-The seventh scientific conference on Iraq, USA and Neighboring Countries: Reality and Variables on 16-17 February 2011.

8-The eighth scientific conference entitled "Political and economic transformations in the Arab countries and their regional and international implications: reality and prospects", on 27-28 March 2013.

9-The Ninth International Scientific Conference entitled (Iraq after 2003: State, Society, Economy, Law, Foreign Relations: Challenges and Opportunities) during 27-28 June 2021 electronically.