The Center has held  scientific symposiums, namely:

1-Water and dams and their impact on Arab-Turkish relations -1988.

2-Turkey's position on the Iran-Iraq war 1989.

3-Changes in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union -1990.

4-Perestroika and its interactions and impact -1990.

5-Turkey's foreign policy towards the current situation in the Arabian Gulf -1991.

6-Turkish elections, October 20, 1991.

7-Islamic Republics of Central Asia: Historical Roots and Regional Relations -1992.

8-Tigris and Euphrates basin water and Arab-Turkish relations - 1993.

9-Islam and Secularism in Turkey on 22 April 1995.

10- Structural Adjustment Policies and Economic Development in Turkey October 1995.

11-Iraqi-Turkish relations June 1996.

12-Turkish Foreign Trade 1997.

13-The Kurdish Question in Turkey 1998.

14-Turkey's policy towards the Arab world 1998.

15-Turkish-Israeli relations and their impact on Arab national security (in cooperation with Bayt al-Hikma, Baghdad), October 1998.

16-Arab-Turkish Relations 1999.

17-Turkish Economy and Relations with Iraq: Indicators and Trends (14 November 1999(.

18-Turkey and Regional Variables 2000.

19-Turkey's foreign policy towards the Arab world on September 1, 2001.

20-Political decision-making circles in Turkey and their impact on relations with the Arabs on April 30,  2002.

21-Means of activating foreign trade between Iraq and Turkey, on 28 September 2002.

22-Turkey's policy towards non-Arab neighboring countries 2003.

23-Privatization of the Iraqi Economy: Problems .. Reality .. Future on 15 May 2004.

24-The right opinion in writing the Iraqi constitution on 29 May 2005.

25- Iraq's economic relations with neighboring countries and the possibility of development on 28 March 2007.

26-The Future of Regional Blocs in the Middle East on 15 May 2005.

27-Political decision-making in Iraq and neighboring countries on January 7, 2008.

28-Reform and Change in Iraq and Neighboring Countries on March 12, 2008.

29-Arab and regional political system; change and continuity on November 26, 2008.

30-Good governance and sustainable development in Iraq and neighboring countries on 25 February 2009.

31-Iraq and its Regional Neighboring Countries in a Changing World on 5 May 2010.

32-A joint symposium with researchers from the Republic of Turkey entitled: (Iraqi-Turkish relations from shared history to sustainable cooperation), which was held on June 29, 2011, at the hall of the scientific and literary forum at Mosul University.

33- Symposium on “Arab Change Movements: Entrepreneurship and Trajectory” on February 15, 2012.

34-Symposium  on “The Arab region in view of regional and international changes” on 28 February 2019.

35- A Joint Symposium with the Department of Economics at the Faculty of Management and Economics, entitled: "Promoting the economic reality of Nineveh province and the areas of international support: constraints and possibilities" on April 21, 2019.

36-The symposium titled “Events of October 2019 in Iraq: Dimensions and Perceptions” on December 4, 2019.

37- The joint online scientific symposium entitled ((Coronavirus and its impact on international relations: a study in its political, economic, and social dimensions), on 16 May 2020.

38- The joint international electronic scientific symposium titled (Coronavirus pandemic Regional and international implications; its political, economic, and social dimensions), on June 15, 2020.

39- The hypothetical international scientific symposium under the title : (the spread of illiteracy in the world and ways to address it), on the "meet" platform on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

40- The international scientific electronic symposium titled (The United Nations in facing contemporary regional and international challenges), on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

41- The common scientific electronic Symposium entitled (Internal Crises in Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities) on Tuesday, October 27, 2020.

42- The virtual international scientific symposium titled " Violence against women and protection mechanisms"  on November 25, 2020.

43- The joint scientific symposium entitled "Financing fiscal deficit in Iraq's budget 2021: an economic law vision" on January 10, 2021.

44- The international scientific electronic symposium titled (the Role of Education in Building and Developing Societies) on  January 31, 2021.

45- The international scientific electronic symposium titled (The Constant and Changed: America's Strategy toward the Middle East), on February 14, 2021.

46- The international electronic scientific symposium titled (Women's Rights: Reality and Ambition) on March 8, 2021.

47-The joint electronic scientific symposium (Regional Water Reality: Iraq and Turkey as a Case Study) on March 22, 2021.

48- The International Electronic Scientific Symposium entitled (Asylum and Human Rights Protection: A Study in international legislation) on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

49- The International Electronic Scientific Symposium entitled (Geo-Economic Conflict and the Future of the Arab Region) on November 3, 2021.

50- The electronic scientific symposium titled (the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and its impact on the Middle East), on November 28, 2021.

51- The joint virtual scientific symposium entitled "The Political Future of Iraq after the Early Elections", on December 25, 2021.

52- The electronic scientific symposium titled “Iraqi diplomacy and its impact on Iraq’s foreign relations under Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s government” on January 26, 2022.

53- The electronic scientific symposium titled "Efforts to empower women in Iraq between available opportunities and imposed restrictions " on March 8, 2022.

54- The virtual scientific symposium entitled “Security culture and its role in promoting peace and social security” on April 11, 2022.