Launching the training course on magnetic water..


Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Qusay Kamal al-Din al-Ahmadi, President of the University of Mosul, and under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Environmental Sciences, Dr. Yusra Majeed al-Shaker, the training course entitled “Magnetized Water and its Uses” was launched on Sunday morning, in the college’s discussion hall, and will continue for five days during the period from 17 until 21 March 2024. It was presented by Dr. Tahseen Ali Glimiran, the teacher, Dr. Omar Karim Younis, the assistant teacher, Hamsa Burhan Muhammad, the assistant teacher, Asmaa Muayyad Saadallah, the assistant teacher, Ruaa Muzaffar Younis, and the [Read More]