A Word by the Secretary General of the University of Mosul Libraries

After the victory over terrorism that caused the destruction and looting of Mosul University, especially its Central Library, life returns to the Central Library that took on the task of playing a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge to ensure the building of a conscious, coherent, effective and evolving society that renounces ignorance, corruption, extremism and terrorism. The Central Library and the University sub-libraries operate at a steady pace as a gateway through which diverse knowledge resources can be accessed by students and researchers and best services can be provided to the community. Society’s strength lies not in the acquisition of arms but in the acquisition of knowledge. The Central Library continues its efforts to promote local and international knowledge cooperation to keep abreast of future developments and requirements to achieve the goals of disseminating knowledge to ensure a bright future for all.

Sayf Mohamed Dhiya Younis Al-Ashqar

Secretary-General of the Libraries, University of Mosul, Iraq (Director of the Central Library)

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Since its founding in 1967, the Central Library, which has a distinguished location in middle of the campus, has been paid great attention by the University of Mosul that provided it with all the requirements to be successful and become one of the largest university libraries in Iraq. The Central Library of Mosul University was looted, destroyed and burned when ISIS occupied Mosul, losing hundreds of thousands of books, periodicals, magazines and rare manuscripts. After liberation, the Central Library started providing its library services to students and researchers in a simple temporary alternative location to begin to grow again through local and international donations and assistances until its original building was reconstructed by UNDP in collaboration with other global organizations on February 19, 2022. An electronic cataloguing system has been introduced into the Central Library and it bigan to organize numerous cultural and scientific activities, courses, events, and workshops, to receive visitors from colleges and schools, and to communicate with local and global writers and intellectuals.


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