On the blessing of God, the Council of the College of Tourism Sciences held its fifth session via cyberspace headed by The dean of the college, Asst. Prof. Dr. Bashar Hassan Yusuf Akela, with the presence of all members on Sunday 17 /5/ 2020, and announced the recommendations of the respected president of Mosul University, including:

  1. Continuing E-learning for all stages ,and paying attention to the scientific subject.

  2. Emphasizing on the guidance of teaching staff to complete the scientific subjects tittles according to the percentages specified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

  3. Following-up on students and motivating them to develop their abilities in the field of E-education.

  4. Holding regular meetings with students through the cyberspace to determine their needs.

  5. Preparing for the supplementary exams and the intensive course after the partial curfew.

    Then the council discussed the paragraphs on its agenda.