On Tuesday morning, 24/12/2019, Asst .Prof. Dr. Manal Raafat Khaled from the College of Tourism Sciences, Mosul University, participated in the discussion committee of the Doctoral student Khalida Jamal Mahmoud Taher , Mosul University, College of Education for Pure Sciences for her thesis entitled (Geographical pillars of The Tourist Regions in Iraq) . The discussion committee was headed by Prof.Dr. Noman Hussein Attia and included each of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Taha Shihab , Asst, Prof . Dr . Ahmed Hamed Ali, Prof. Dr. Suhaib Hassan Khader, Asst .Prof. Dr. Manal Raafat Khaled as members , and Prof. Dr. Laith Hassan Omar as a member and a supervisor . At the end of the discussion , it was announced that the student received a doctorate degree. Congratulations to the student ,the supervisor, and the members of the discussion committee.