Participation of Asst.Prof. Dr. Manal Rafat Khaled from the College of Tourism Sciences in the Committee to discuss a thesis of the Master’s Student (Qaiser Sami Saleh Abdullah) from Mosul University / College of Education for Humanities on his thesis (spatial economic relations between the network of roads of car transportation and agricultural production in the district of Hawija). And it took place on the morning of Monday, 20 January 2020. The committee included Prof. Dr. Hisham Salah Mohsen as a president and the membership of Asst.Prof.Dr. Ahmed Hamed Ali and Asst.Prof.Dr. Manal Rafat Khalid ,and as a supervisor Asst.Prof .Dr. Mohammed Hashim Thanon. It was announced that the student received a master degree. Congratulations to the student ,the supervisor, and the members of the discussion committee.