Department of Pedantic , Orthodontics and Preventive dentistry

1. Message section and its objectives: A. Message section: teach the art and science of orthodontics and dental pediatric preventive dental students and to participate actively in scientific research and commitment to community service.
B. Objectives of the Branch:
1. Secure a high level of training in the science of clinical dentistry.
2. Develop the skills of faculty members to cope with an update on scientific research and teaching methods.
3. Improve teaching methods and methods of continuous improvement and keep up with developments in the curriculum using modern methods to cope with global standards.
4. Insurance of modern technology in the equipment to work on the provision of appropriate areas of the educational process and scientific research and treatment of patients.
5. The development of graduate programs section.
6. Work to expand the scope of graduate studies to include terms of reference included by all section.
7. Cooperation with other disciplines in the college to support educational and research programs and offering therapeutic services to the community.
8. Develop the skills of academic and clinical faculty by universities Alaivadat to sober and to participate in scientific conferences and symposia, and set them up.