College in brief

The College of Dentistry was established in the academic year 1982-1983 to be another basic building block added to the rest of the colleges at the University of Mosul in order to become an important tributary of science and community service. The college occupied two locations within the university campus, where the first location was the building currently occupied by the College of Agriculture and Forestry near the Deanship of the College of Arts. Then it moved to its current location near one of the entrances to the university campus opposite to Al-Hadbaa neighbourhood in the year 2005. It embodied the establishment of the College of Dentistry at the University of Mosul, in order to enhance the role of the university in serving the community by entering into various fields of training, consulting, education, continuous modernization, etc., which ultimately led to the development of the quality of service provided to the community. The college is subjected to the central admission system approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research where the academic system of study adopts the annual system and delivered in English language. As for the duration of the minor study, it takes five years, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in oral and dental medicine. The number of graduates who have been awarded the bachelor’s degree has reached (2667) graduates until the end of the year 2021-2022. In addition to the aforementioned certificate, the college grants postgraduate certificates (PhD, Master’s, and Higher Diploma) in various dental specialties and basic dental sciences.  As for the structure of the college, it consists in terms of building from (the deanship of the college), which includes the college administration and all the administrative and scientific divisions in the college in addition to the department of Basic Dental Sciences and (The Teaching Hospital), which includes medical clinics and the other four scientific departments , which are the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Prosthodontics, Department of Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Preventive Dentistry, and Department of Conservative Dentistry. The college always seeks to give scientific bid through the tireless participation in scientific edifices and platforms, in a way that enhances the educational process firstly, and the quality of service provided to the community secondly.

God bless…..