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The Mosul Studies Center is one of the research centers that dates back to 1992, when it was first established under the name of the Mosul Documentary Center. Administratively, it is attached to the Presidency Office of the University of Mosul. It is concerned with the history and legacy of Mosul through its diverse historical ages by conducting research papers by the center’s teachers and publishing over thirty books by authors who are highly concerned with the history, civilization, and heritage of Mosul.

Since its establishment, the center has tried to render distinguished service to the community and researchers, as well as postgraduate students at the University of Mosul in particular and postgraduate students of other Iraqi universities in general, by its library, which includes many books, university theses and dissertations, and an archive of documents related to the history of Mosul. Thus, it supports the University of Mosul in scientific research in the humanities.

Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Ahmed Al-Aubaidi

Director of the center

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Mosul studies Center is one of the prestigious centers, and it has an active role in disseminating the intellectual, historical, and civilizational products of Mosul at local and international levels, as well as civilizational communications with other entities that have free humanitarian  thought. It peruses the policy of openness towards other cultures in Mosul. It supplies university students with scientific advice, specialized courses, and publications that help them and other researchers uncover the civilizational, historical, and legacy landmarks of Mosul. It also took part in establishing a database and putting it at the researchers’ disposal. Besides opening an intellectual and cultural canal of communication between the university and the community.


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