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The Dams and Water Resources Research Center is one of the active scientific centers at the University of Mosul, through scientific giving in the implementation of research, studies and projects, and the preparation of specialized scientific reports in the fields of dams, water and geotechnical resources, the implementation of mathematical, hydraulic and computer models for water resources and dams projects, and the conduct of the required geological, geophysical and geotechnical studies Read More

Dr. kotayba tewfik Alyouzbakey


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The University of Mosul had taken a forward step in establishing the Mosul Dam Research Centre at 1/4/1986. The university realized the needs of a scientific institute to carry studies and researches dealing with the expected changes arise from the building of Mosul dam from the point of engineering geology, economic, environment and health.After the advanced activities of the centre, the centre name had been changed to Dams and Water Research Centre to cope with the researches and studies conducted by it from the point of the management and development of the water resources in the countrySince its establishment up to know the centre has conducted until 2011 (616) researches Read More


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