19 November، 2023


Within the scientific activities of the Department of Marketing Management at the College of Administration and Economics within the activities of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a scientific lecture was delivered on Sunday, 19/11/2023 …
By Dr. Saif Abdullah entitled “What is Entrepreneurship? WWhat is Entrepreneurship” was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Thaeir Ahmed Saadoon Al-Samman, the Administrative Assistant, the Head of the Department, a number of faculty members and students of the department,
In it, he talked about what entrepreneurship is, as it is to provide the product / service differently or better than the one in the market by introducing new products / services in an innovative way that is better than competitors, and satisfies the needs of the user more…. The most important types of entrepreneurship are:

1- Business leadership is innovation in the field of work, as the entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new company, and bears most of the risks to enjoy most of the rewards.

2- Community entrepreneurship is another type of entrepreneurship driven by making a positive impact on society by searching for innovative ideas that have the ability to solve societal problems.

3- Internal entrepreneurship, which is entrepreneurship within an existing organization. That is, it refers to creativity and innovation within the organization that will increase efficiency, ensure progress, competitive advantage and market sustainability.