Dean Speech


In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most merciful, peace , Mercy and blessings of Allah be on you, and prayers and peace be upon our Master Muhammad and his family and companions.

To begin with..

Ladies and gentlemen Greetings to you, I am honored to be appointed as a Dean of the Faculty of administration and Economics at Mosul University, And I welcome you in this ancient scientific edifice, which we hope that the sincere work will continue actively and seriously to apply all that is new and unique in the international universities  at all academic and scientific levels in economics, industrial management, marketing management, accountancy, business administration, financial and banking sciences, management information system and tourism and hotel institutions management. And to share with  you opinions , scientific and educational ideas, and you are looking for everything that would achieve the international quality. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may know that the Faculty of Administration and Economics, since its beginning, has been characterized by unique initiatives in serving the community and meeting the needs of its students, and respect  scientific and ethical values and committing to levels of quality and  development standards, and the clarity of the methodology and the quality of  solid scientific research . I’m happy to put all my efforts for everyone and try to facilitate the scientific, academic and educational process. The door is open for everybody for communication and interaction to serve the development of the educational process at the College. Based on the strategy of the university and its vision, mission and scientific goals we strive to use all efforts to develop the educational process and improve performance and accessibility to provide appropriate service for everyone efficiently and effectively. Our college vision is to be one of the pioneer  in education and scientific research at the level of the Arab world according to international quality standards and for Business Management, Accountancy , Industrial Management, Financial and banking Sciences, Marketing Management, Management information Systems, Economics,and tourism and hotel institutions management. To achieve this vision, the College has developed study plans based on the foundations and advanced university curricula adapted to the requirements of modern times for a number of administrative, financial, accounting and economic programs at the undergraduate, master and PhD programs according to the academic quality standards for national and international institutions. Besides, the college aims to make faculty members committed to academic and research excellence. The Deanship of the College always puts its goal to take advantage of modern technologies to facilitate the matters of lecturers and students as a primary goal in its work as well as for faculty members. Finally, We ask  Almighty  Allah to help us all to achieve our goals completely. Also we ask Him to help us to do everything that would contribute to the development of the scientific process.

Prof.Dr. Thaeir Ahmed Al-samman