College Board

  • 1

    Dean of the college:  Prof . Dr Thair Ahmed Saadoon AL-Samman 

  • 2

    Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs : Prof. Dr Ala abd AL- Salam AL-Hamdani.

  • 3

    Assistant Dean For Administration Affairs:  Asst. Prof.  Ahmed Hussein Hasan  AL- Jarjary

  • 4

    Head of the business Administration Department : Prof. Dr.  Alaa Haseb AL-jalely.

  • 5

    Head of the Accounting Department : Asst. Prof . Dr Sinan Zuhair Mohammed Jameel. 

  • 6

    Head of the Economics Department : Prof . Dr. Mufeed Thanoon Younis AL-Mulla.

  • 7

    Head of the Marketing Department : Asst. Prof . Dr Mohameed Mahmoud AL- Mulla Hassan 

  • 8

    Head of the Financial and Banking  Sciences  Department: Prof. Dr. Bashar Ahmad AL- Iraqi.

  • 9

    Head of the Industries Management Department: Prof. Dr. Raad Adnan Raouf.

  • 10

    Head of the Management Information Systems : Asst. Prof.  Dr. Bassam Abdualrahman Yosif AL- yuzibaky.