23 November، 2023

Higher Diploma Research in the Department of Business Administration discusses “The Availability of E-Health Readiness Requirements: A Survey of the Opinions of a Sample of Medical Staff in Mosul City Hospitals” “Thursday, November 23, 2023…

The Department of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed the research of the higher diploma tagged “The availability of e-health readiness requirements: a survey of the opinions of a sample of medical staff in Mosul city hospitals”.

The current study… Which was submitted by the student “Russell Mumtaz Shaker” in the Department of Business Administration to: Identify the availability of the most important requirements for the application of e-health in the health sector based on the opinions of the medical staff working in the hospitals of the Nineveh Health Department, as well as providing a number of solutions that can contribute to supporting the field side of the study and represented by the health sector in the Nineveh Health Department in order to benefit from the results of the study in diagnosing the requirements of applying e-health.

The study reached the most important conclusions: It was found through the description and diagnosis of readiness requirements for organizational health emergence after the basic readiness requirements and the reason for this is that this requirement works effectively and works to meet their needs and readiness for e-health services.

The discussion committee was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Sabawi and the membership of each of the teacher Dr. Ihab Fakhri Youssef and the membership and supervision of the teacher Dr. Ahmed Moayad Attia.