23 November، 2023

The Deanship of the College of Administration and Economics, represented by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Thaeir Ahmed Saadoon Al-Samman, holds a farewell party for Mrs. Abeer Osama Taha, responsible for the Scientific Promotion Unit, on the occasion of her retirement

The Deanship staff thankfully expressed their praise and gratitude for their efforts throughout their service in the job, wishing her a happy life full of health, wellness and permanent safety.

For his part, the Dean of the College presented the shield of creativity and excellence to it and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the affiliates and all those who celebrated it and from all those present and expressed his feelings towards this great interest by the employees of the scientific departments, divisions and administrative units.

💠 Deanship of the College of Administration and Economics.
💠 Media and Government Communication Division.