21 February، 2024

Scientific lecture …

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Mosul
Prof. Dr. Qusai Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi
Under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Administration and Economics
Prof. Dr. Thaer Ahmed Saadoun Al-Samman
The College of Administration and Economics at the University of Mosul hosted
Prof. Dr. Saad Ghaleb Yassin / Dean of the Faculty of Business at Al-Zaytoonah University / to give a scientific lecture
Entitled (Advanced Topics in Methodology and Publishing Issues) attended by Prof. Dr. Qabas Hassan Awad, Director of the UNESCO Chair at the University of Mosul, who welcomed the guest and narrated his scientific biography to the audience, and was also attended by Assistant Professor Dr. “Mazen Sami Hassan”, Director of the Quality Assurance Department at the University of Mosul, the Dean’s assistants for scientific and administrative affairs, and a number of faculty teachers and graduate students in our college on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at ten in the morning in the discussion hall 2 ..
The focus of the lecture revolves around the methodology of publishing in international scientific journals and the importance of publishing for the university to enter the forefront of international classifications ‘and the need for philosophical depth in scientific research and must be issued from a philosophical view’ and the development and testing of the existing theory, where the fields of business are divided

To exploratory studies and explanatory studies

In conclusion, the lecturer Dr. Saad Ghanem was honored in appreciation of his efforts in delivering the valuable lecture and providing support to students of scientific research, and Dr. Qabas Hassan Awad was also honored in appreciation of her distinguished efforts, and her conclusion was to honor Dr. “Mazen Sami Hassan” with the shield of creativity and excellence on the occasion of the college’s obtaining the first positions in the evaluation of Iraqi universities.