Discussion of a Master’s Thesis in the Department of Plant Protection


A master's thesis was discussed in the Plant Protection/ College of Agriculture and Forestry / University of Mosul for the student (Haneen Hashim Muhammad Ali) on Thursday, February 22, 2024. Thesis title (Transmission of potato X virus to pepper crops with water and soil). Prof. Dr. Qusay Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi (President of the University of Mosul) and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younis Al-Allaf (Dean of the College) attended a part of the discussion. The discussion committee consisted of: 1. Dr. Nabil Aziz Qasim ... (Chairman). 2. Dr. Khaled Mahmoud Ahmed ... (Member). 3. Dr. Firas Kazem Daoud .... (Member). 4. Dr. Raghad [Read More]