17 May، 2023

Discussing a master’s thesis in the College of Archeology (cuneiform texts from the era of Ur III preserved in the Iraqi Museum)

On Wednesday, May 17 2023, the Department of Ancient Iraqi Languages at the College of Archeology/ University of Mosul discussed in the hall of Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf in the college a discussion of the master’s thesis entitled (cuneiform texts from the era of Ur III preserved in the Iraqi Museum) part of the viva was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Yasmin Abdul Karim Muhammad Ali/ Dean of the College of Archeology and a number of faculty staff and students of the college.

The thesis submitted by the student (Basel Bashar Ali) dealt with details of unpublished cuneiform texts from the era of Ur III (2112-2004) BC. The number is (20) cuneiform texts with economic implications, which are confiscated texts preserved in the Iraqi Museum in Baghdad.

The study indicated that this group of texts dates back to the period confined between the thirty-fourth year of the reign of King Shulki until the first year of the reign of King Abi-Sin, i.e. (2060-2028) BC.

The aim of this study is that (19) texts of which date back to the city of Bozorch – Dakan (Drehem). And one text goes back to the city (Eri-Sark) based on the names of the months mentioned in these texts

The discussion committee was chaired by Assistant Professor Dr. Khaled Haider Othman, with membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Mahmoud Hamed Ahmed, and Dr. Hanan Abdel Hamza Baeiwi / General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage / Department of Museums / Cuneiforms, and with the supervision and membership of Professor Khaled Salem Ismail.