College in Brief

The College of Archaeology was established at the University of Mosul, starting from the academic year (2008-2009). The establishment of this college is in line with the rest of the well-known  international and Arab universities. The college has three departments:

– Department of Archaeology, with two branches: (Ancient archaeology ) and (Islamic archaeology).

– Department of Iraqi ancient languages.

– Department of Civilization.

The college  of Archeology receives graduates of high school with its branches (biological, applied, literary, and arts) of both genders and according to the regulations set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq.


Teaching at the college is conducted by a specialized scientific staff who hold certificates from Iraqi, Arab and foreign universities and they are from various scientific ranks with various specializations (ancient archaeology , Islamic archaeology , arts and civilization of ancient Iraq, Assyriology, the Akkadian language and its jurisprudence, the Sumerian language, cuneiform writings, Arabic calligraphy and Islamic coins, preservation and restoration of antiquities, the civilization of the ancient Near East, the Hebrew language and the Aramaic language).


The College of Archeology at the University of Mosul grants bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in order to provide the government institutions in Iraq with scientific staff specialized in archeology and qualified to work in excavation bodies, antiquities inspectors, and cultural museums spread across most of Iraq’s governorates as well as tourism, educational institutions, and the media.


The number of graduates of the college since its establishment has reached (830) graduates from undergraduate studies and (71) of postgraduate studies (PhD and MA).