24 September، 2023

A master’s thesis at the College of Archeology discussing (manifestations of urbanization in Mesopotamia during the fourth millennium BC)

The Department of Civilization at the College of Archaeology at the University of Mosul discussed the master’s thesis entitled (Manifestations of Urbanization in Mesopotamia during the Fourth Millennium BC) on Sunday, September 24, 2023, in the hall of Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Soph in the college. Part of it was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Yasser Jaber Khalil/ Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and a number of from college staff.

The study presented by the student (Subhi Ghanem Hussein) dealt with the aspects of urbanization in Mesopotamia during the fourth millennium BC, in four chapters: The first chapter included several sections in which it dealt with the geographic characteristics of the location and the importance and nature of the terrain, climate, and rivers in Mesopotamia.

In the second chapter, the researcher also discussed the slave civilization in all its four stages, then the era of Uruk and the era of Jemdet Nasr, as well as in the third chapter indicators of economic life activity, which include agriculture, trade, and industry, and in the fourth chapter about religious beliefs.

This study aims to examine the manifestations of urbanization in Mesopotamia during the fourth millennium BC, as it was the result of many achievements in the history of Mesopotamian civilization, as it imposed the organization of administrative affairs and social life in the nucleus of emerging cities.

The discussion committee was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulaziz Elias Sultan and the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Fayez Hadi Ali/ University of Baghdad/ College of Arts/ Department of Archaeology and Assistant Professor Dr. Moaz Habash Khadr, and under the supervision and membership of Professor Dr. Hussein Dhaher Hammoud.