12 December، 2023

A PhD thesis at the College of Archaeology entitled(Rules of morphological and grammatical construction in the Sumerian language – the text “The Curse of Akkad” as a sample)

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, in the hall of Dr. Behnam Abu Al-Souf in the college, the Department of Ancient Iraqi Languages at the College of Archaeology at the University of Mosul discussed the PhD thesis where part of it was attended by Assistant Professor Dr. Yasmine Abdel Karim Muhammad Ali, Dean of the College of Archeology and Assistant Professor Dr. Yasser Jaber Khalil, Assistant Dean for scientific Affairs and a number of college staff. The thesis presented by the researcher (Othman Ghanem Muhammad) dealt with the findings of morphological and grammatical construction in the Sumerian language – the text “The Curse of Akkad” as a sample.
The thesis came to explain the rules of the Sumerian language from both sides the morphological and grammatical aspects of the language which is the oldest language known to be written down in the world in its cuneiform script.
The study dealt with the Sumerian text “The Curse of Akkad” which is a historical text written in a religious literary style. The thesis presented an audio reading of the text, its translation into Arabic, and dealt with the morphological and syntactic aspects of this famous Sumerian text according to five detailed study chapters.

The study aims to clarify the morphological structure of the Sumerian vocabulary and the grammatical structure of its sentences based on the studied text in order to reach a clear vision of the grammar of the Sumerian language which is considered as being the oldest written one not only in ancient Iraq but in the entire world.

The viva committee was chaired by the Emeritus Prof. Dr. Ali Yassin Ahmed, and the membership of the Emeritus Professor, Dr. Nawala Ahmed Al-Metwally, the Asst. Prof. Dr. Khaled Haider Othman, and the Asst. Prof., Dr. Ari Khalil Kamel / Saladin University / College of Arts / Department of Archeology, and the Asst. Prof, Dr. Mahmoud Hamid Ahmed and under the supervision and membership of the professor. Dr. Muayyad Muhammad Suleiman.