A Bout the Civilization Department

Department of Civilization is one of the departments of the College of Archaeology/ University of Mosul. The department specializes in studying Ancient Civilizations, the most important of which is the Mesopotamian civilization, starting from prehistoric times and the Ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Chaldean, and late historical eras. In addition, the department studies other neighboring ancient civilizations including the Nile civilization in ancient Egypt, the ancient Levant civilization, and the civilizations of Anatolia, Iran, and the Arabian Gulf as well as the Arabian Peninsula along with the Greek and Roman civilizations and the ancient North African civilization. The department’s curricula also include teaching students the history of archaeological excavations and the efforts of the first excavators in excavation work, as well as study topics in English and other topics on computer science (IT) in addition to studying ancient environmental geography and climate conditions and their impact on human life and the development of their activity throughout ancient times…… Etc., after the student successfully completes the requirements of the four-year methodological study in the department, the is awarded a bachelor’s degree in the field of civilization from the College of Archaeology.