Vision – Mission – Goals Of Civilization Department

Department of Civilization

Vision :
The Department of Civilization is the scientific body that sees, through the cultural studies which is concerned with, that the Ancient Iraqi civilization in particular and the Ancient Near Eastern civilizations in general have provided human civilization with all the elements of development and the foundations of scientific, intellectual and cognitive advancement as the crucible in which all the cultural elements to which it contributed were melted it’s elements throughout their successive history with the combined efforts of establishing the College of Archeology in general and the Department of Civilization in particular, the department, with its studies and specialized staff, has taken it upon itself to direct its efforts towards that civilization, to familiarize the people of the country with all its divisions, and to advance its cultural heritage.
Preserving this is an important national duty. The department works and contributes with the college’s other departments to achieve it as one of its most important main goals, and that the country’s cultural heritage belongs to its people and generations. Accordingly, the historical responsibility falls on everyone’s efforts to focus on a future vision to reach the ambition and desired goal.

Mission :
Highlighting the cultural role of Iraq and the ancient Near East region in the path of humanity and the great achievements made by the ancient Iraqi civilization in all fields, as it is one of the first and oldest authentic ancient civilizations whose roots extend to the depths of prehistoric times, which constituted the first beginnings of many important cultural manifestations. This has formed interest with cultural studies of Iraq and the ancient Near East region, the basic priorities of the Department of Civilization are to elevate that role with all its cultural components and elements to the level of universality of ancient human civilizations as a crucible for scientific, intellectual, and cognitive giving and production, and to introduce generations to what that role has enriched all of humanity throughout its long history.

Objectives :
To provide and support the scientific objectives of the College of Archeology.
Achieving communication and integration with all departments of the College of Archaeology.
Contribution of scientific studies and cultural research to spreading cultural awareness to members of society and introducing the country’s civilization and its historical and cultural depth.
Graduating specialized staff to support the state’s sectors and departments to work in them to serve the country.
Opening postgraduate studies in the department to develop the reality of the scientific level in it, its specializations, and its teaching staff, and making room for them and its students to take their scientific role in it as one of the new departments.
Developing the scientific level of the department through developing and updating the curricula and scientific specializations in a way that is consistent with and keeps pace with scientific development and the ambition and goals of the college and developing the scientific capacities of the teaching staff through participating and contributing to various scientific activities and events.
Expansion of cultural, humanitarian and social activities.
Cooperation with various state institutions in order to activate the role of the university through its educational institutions in colleges and departments to serve the community and cooperate with its members to address some humanitarian cases as well as cultural and scientific cooperation.
Activating the role of blended e-learning and motivating students and teachers to continue it and contributing to moving university education to a more open stage and facilitating ways of cooper…