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The College of Arts is the cornerstone of any scientific and academic university because it deals with the human spirit, arouses his ideas, and allows him to introduce his humanitarian experiences and this is the pillar of creativity. Accordingly, it feeds the individual’s intellectual awareness, which in turn affects the entire communal awareness, and that awareness becomes a flexible tool for the formation and prediction of the future, and to keep pacing with steady scientific development. Read more

Professor Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohammad Afeen

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College of Arts at a glance

The College of Arts is one of the first colleges that have been opened at the University of Mosul. It was opened officially in 1966. The aim of its opening was to achieve the objects of the higher education in preparing students to be researchers and specialists in humanities. The college composes of ten departments, i.e., Department of Arabic and its Literatures, Department of English and its Literatures, Department of Translation, Department of French, Department of Turkish. Read more


A Historical Overview:

After the opening of the College of Arts for Humanities on September 29, 1966, the college was called (The College for Humanities) and it was administratively affiliated with the University of Baghdad until 1967, when the University of Mosul became a separate one. Shortly afterward, the Department of History opened as one of the first four departments that opened at that college, i.e., the Dept. of History, the Dept. of Arabic Language, the Dept. of European Languages, and the Dept. of Economics.  Read more

the Department of Arabic Language in Brief:

The Department of Arabic Language is one of the oldest departments in the College of Arts, and it is one of the first departments to be established in it. Its foundation dates back to 1969. Students spend four years in it to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and literature.
As for the outputs of the Arabic Language Department in the Bachelor’s degree, they are based on graduating qualified students to engage in linguistic and literary research, as well as qualifying them to teach in the country’s various educational sectors, or to work in the field of media and linguistic correction.  Read more

Historical Background

The Department of English  Language in College of Arts, University of Mosul was established in 1969, and the department seeks to prepare students who are competent in the field of English Language and English Literature.  Read more

Department of French Language

Brief description of the department

The French language branch was established in 1973-1974. It was affiliated with the European Languages Department, and in 1979 it became a stand-alone department. So far, 1,097 bachelor’s degree students have graduated from it. The number of the department’s employees reached 23 PhD and Master’s holders.  Read more

The Department of Translation Overview:

The Department of Translation was established in 1987 as a subsidiary of the Department of European Languages. The Department of Translation includes morning, evening, and postgraduate studies, both master’s and doctoral. The department aims, through its staff of 42 teachers and professors and the subjects included in its curriculum, Read more

Sociology Department

About the department

The Department was established in 1985-1986, under the name “Social Service Section” and then changed to Sociology Department in 1994. The study in the Department is based on sociology and its issues. As well as societal phenomena and problems, the department’s teachers, postgraduate students and bachelor’s degree carry out a series of field research and theoretical studies in sociology, anthropology and social service.  Read more
Department of Media
The Department of Media was established in the College of Arts at the University of Mosul in 2012 and received 50 students in its session of the academic year 2012 – 2013 for the purpose of preparing and qualifying them after graduation to meet the needs of the community and serve it as distinguished media professionals who are scientifically and intellectually qualified to raise the level of committed media performance in media institutions. The department grants a bachelor’s degree in media,. read More

Turkish Department Overview

The Turkish department was inaugurated in the college of Arts, university of Mosul in the academic year 2008-2009 to be added to departments of other languages.  Read more

An Overview of the Philosophy Department:

The Philosophy Department is one of the esteemed departments in the College of Arts. It is considered one of the departments established in the 1990s and was founded in 1994. Students spend four years in this department to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.  Read more

The Department of Information and Knowledge Techniques in brief

        The Department of Information and Knowledge Techniques was established as one of the departments of the College of Arts – University of Mosul in the academic year 1994-1995 under the name (Department of Libraries and Information). The goals behind the establishment of this department were  Read more


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