1 August، 2021

Two students from the College of Dentistry / University of Mosul have won the Translator Student Competition project for the Middle East and North Africa.

After qualifying for the final stages of the university student’s translator competition project for the Middle East and North Africa, which is held by the Wikimedia Foundation and the Ideas Without Borders Foundation and funded by Google, the student Rand Essam won first place in the final results with a score of 100% as the best translator among a large number of university students. The student, Aisha Zaid, won the second place for the best editor and the seventh place for the best translator, with a score of 90.05% in the same competition.
The College of Dentistry offers its warmest congratulations to the two hardworking students on their victory, wishing them continued success.
Here are the links to the competition and one of the translated articles.