22 November، 2021

VIVA Presentation of MSc Thesis in The Prosthodontic Department

The VIVA presentation of the MSc thesis entitled:
(Evaluation of Some Mechanical Properties of Type II Dental Plaster After Adding Two Types of Nanoparticles) was held
by the Prosthodontic Department/College of Dentistry/University of Mosul on Monday the 22nd of November 2021, in the hall of POP Department (Pedodontics, Orthodontics and Preventive Dentistry’s Department).

The thesis presented by the Msc student (Mr. Ahmed Yassin Ismail) discussed the effect of adding halosite nanoparticles and Aluminum Oxide nanoparticles on some properties of the type II Dental Plaster (Initial hardening time, linear hardening expansion, and compressive strength).The obtained results showed that the inclusion of additives changed the resident properties of this plaster. The results also showed that adding nanoparticles affected the initial solidification time, linear hardening expansion, and compressive strength of the plaster, as the initial solidification time significantly decreased with increasing nanoparticle concentrations. Besides, the compressive strength of the plaster obviously increased with increasing concentration of nanoparticles and the linear stiffness expansion reduced compared to the control samples.

The examining committee consisted of:
1)Assist.Prof.Dr.Ahmed Asim Saeed.
2)Assist.Prof.Dr.Nagham Hazem Kassab.
3)Assist.Prof. Dr.Nadia Tawfiq Jaafar.
4)Assist.Prof.Ibtihal Hazem Hassan.The thesis was successfully accepted by the committee with minor corrections.