Career Development Unit (CDU)

A brief about this unit: The career guidance is the process that provides students and graduates with information about available career opportunities. Moreover, this process helps students to prepare for their new career depending on their skills and qualifications in order to meet the demand of the society. This process also sets the map for the job structure which is the framework for how we organize jobs into groups that share common functional responsibilities and similar types of education, experience and skill requirements.

Vision: Connecting the students and the postgraduates into the public and private labor market and enhancing the skills to raise their efficiency in order to obtain a job that suits their aspirations and meets their ambitions.

Massage: Providing the necessary training for students with the skills required for the labor market. Thus raising their competencies and required combat qualifications by supporting them with the latest work requirements of skills and data.

Goals:  The goals of this unit can be presented as:

  • Discovering the abilities and skills of the students to prepare them for specific careers.
  • Helping students expected to graduate consolidate the job selection process and develop their professional skills in specialized fields.
  • Providing information and data about the available careers and improving student’s skills in specific fields.
  • Aware students about the skills required for available job opportunities.
  • Preparing programs and events that bring together employers with college students by organizing employment fairs and exhibitions of student products.
  • Training students on communication skills, passing interviews, and effective negotiation.
  • Training students on how to prepare a CV and how to obtain job advertisements.
  • Organizing outdoor visits to government and business sectors to find out the latest job opportunities.

Dr. Hanaa Fathi Mahmood

Responsible for the Career Development Unit

Email: [email protected]