College in Brief

College of Education is one of the most popular colleges in the University of Mosul, the college was established in 1975. In 2014 the college was formally de-merged into two separate colleges; the College of Education for Pure Science, and the College of Education for Human Science. College of Education for Pure Science includes several scientific departments namely; Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Biology.  These departments are run by high-level academic staff with up to 272 members. The harmonic cooperation between the academic staff and both technical and administrative staff enhances the educational and scientific processes and creates a scientific atmosphere to fulfill high-level criteria in both academic and scientific research. The college offers a bachelor’s degree in all scientific areas where the number of undergraduate alumni reached 4044 graduates and the number of postgraduate alumni reached 1103 graduates. The college has made advanced steps to develop the community in terms of educational and scientific sectors and supplying society with highly efficient graduates as well as preparing high-level graduates to take their roles in public secondary schools. The graduate student gained high skills and broad knowledge of teaching methods and educational tactics. On the other hand, the academic staff annually participates in scientific conferences all over the world and several of them have got patents and innovation medals. The college linked with the College of Education for Human Sciences runs a high-quality peer-reviewed journal (Journal of Education and Science) for publication of original articles.