Vision , Message and Goals (VMG)


The College of Education for Pure Sciences seeks to take a leadership position in developing educational and educational systems for all academic levels and to work on developing scientific departments in Iraqi universities in collaboration with faculties of other universities to expand the horizons of scientific and educational research, in addition to taking a leading role in teaching, training, and research in pure sciences and their techniques. As well as consolidating the scientific level and what is compatible with scientific visions to improve the quality of the learner to serve the community.


Facilitate, support, and continue the educational process for all levels of education by coordinating among the ministry of education, the ministry of youth, the ministry of health, as well as with teachers and researchers with scientific specializations at universities in both Iraq and Arab countries. Prepare and direct teachers and researchers, as well as develop educational programs and policies, and conduct scientific and humanitarian activities, as well as provide consulting for all state institutions in the science fields.


Preparing teaching staff to provide and enrich middle, secondary, and preparatory schools and institutes related to the directorates of education in the country, which play a significant role in the development of the community by graduating students yearly in various scientific, humanitarian, and academic disciplines. Working to provide the teaching staff with various educational and scientific skills throughout the study period along with broad training in teaching methods and modern technologies. As well as preparing academic staff in the field of postgraduate studies, diploma, master, and doctorate in all disciplines that support the country’s development plans and meet the demands of the labor market, as well as supporting the educational process in the country.