Continuing Education Unit (CEU)


The Continuing Learning Unit at the College of Education for Pure Science seeks to provide a high-level model of training programs in order to achieve a high level of excellence. It also aims to reach quality standards.


Working on training, developing and rehabilitating the teaching staff in the college, and the various categories of society in the ministries and country institutions. Furthermore, focusing on the distinguished and active participation in the development of human resources, which contributes to raising competitiveness.


1. Contributing to the development of modern teaching methods, modern and standards for education. Furthermore,focusing on training of faculty members to raise the level of university education, as well as raising the level of performance of managers and employees of government and private sectors through programs. Providing training courses that keep pace with the up to date requirements.

2. Spreading the concepts of using information and communication technology in university education and supporting projects related to that, by preparing qualifying and training programs for different specializations.

3. Holding training courses in multiple disciplines that meet the requirements of the labour market and that would increase the trainee’s skills and raise their professional and scientific levels.

4. Holding courses, workshops and seminars related to e-learning, its implementation mechanism, and how to benefit from it in university education.

5. Provides scientific, technical and educational consultations in the field of specialization for colleges and scientific departments.