The Iraqi Virtual Scientific Library &  Index of Central Library Links  – University of Mosul



Iraqi Virtual Science Library (IVSL) https://www.ivsl.org
The Library Releases http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/44585
Newsletter of the Abstracts of the Dissertations & Theses – University of Mosul http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/54489
The university index of Dissertations http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/54490
Index of Manuscripts http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/56212
Index of the Electronic Theses of the Iraqi and Arab Universities http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/56211
Green Culture http://uomosul.edu.iq/pages/en/libCentral/61155