Postgraduate Division (PD)

Regulations from the postgraduate study section in the College of Education for Pure Science.

To those who are going to apply for M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses in our Departments. We are pleased to announce that the application link is active to apply from 2/5/2023 to 1/6/2023 at the website below:

Documents for applying:

  • Transcript certificate with full details
  • Certificates for (Computer, Arabic language, and English language)

Personal Documents:

  • The submitted form
  • Permission letter from employed applicant
  • Exceptional letter for applicant that has score below 65% with brief letter about his current job.

The files must be submitted electronically and physically (hardcopy) as follows:

Physically (hardcopy): the electronic form and the forms (500, 501, 5004, 506) for general and private course and the rest forms for the applicants out off the plane. Moreover, for MSc degree the transcript certificate for bachelor should be submitted and for PhD degree both bachelor and MSc should be submitted as well as certificates for (Computer, Arabic language, English language) and the personal documents.

Electronically: the PDF for all above documents and should be sent to the graduated study section at:  [email protected]

The colors of the files should be recognized as:

  • In Red for Biology department.
  • In Yellow for Chemistry department.
  • In Blue for Physics department.
  • In Green for Mathematic department.
  • In Grey for computer science department.


Mr. Ali Faleh Hassan

[email protected]

Postgraduate Studies – College of Education for Pure Sciences