Quality Assurance and Performance (QAP)

Introduction: It’s one of the departments of the College of Education for Pure Science including four administrative units and has many tasks.Quality Assurance Division: Spreading a culture of quality assurance and academic accreditation at the university and its affiliated institutions. Assuring appropriate institutional and programmatic accreditation in association with the university and its departments. Preparing periodic reports on the implementation of the institutional and programmatic accreditation. Being updated on the development of accreditation and quality assurance programs.Performance Evaluation Division: Preparing the final reports on the annual performance of the university’s affiliates and its formations, preparing periodic reports on all activities of the division and the percentage of annual achievement to submit to the director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department. As well as evaluating the performance in the university departments and colleges, doing what is necessary to determine the level of performance and its quality.Accreditation of laboratories Division: Monitoring and auditing laboratory specifications with the requirements of the approved standard specifications, Defining the technical specifications of the devices and equipment, coding them, and documenting their data in coordination by the laboratory officials with the laboratories in the University and other Universities, and Coordinating with the Department of Laboratory Accreditation of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation System to develop and improv Laboratories performance.Training and Technical Support Division: Spreading the concept of quality and evaluating performance at the university and its formations, holding training and development courses and workshops for workers in the field of performance evaluation and quality assurance in order to reach Programmed Institutional and Academic Accreditation. As well as providing support to the units of quality assurance and university performance to all university formations to implement their own systems and programs.

Vision: Improving university performance in order to achieve academic accreditation

Message: Commitment to the application of total quality management systems by directing the staff to carry out their responsibilities and to ensure continuous improvement and development.

Goals: Continuous improvement in the educational process to reach international standards of quality by using modern methods, take advantage of the educational institution’s capabilities and resources to meet the needs of society and the labor market, and spreading a culture of quality assurance and academic accreditation at the university and its affiliated institutions

Assist.Prof.Dr. yassir Shakeeb Mohamad

Administrator of Quality Assurance and Performance Division

Email: [email protected]