Scientific Affairs Division (SAD)

A brief about Scientific Affairs Unit:

It is one of many units in the College of Education for Pure Sciences which is linked together with the other units in the College and it is mainly engage with scientific outcomes. The important duties of this unit can be presented as:

  • Arranges the conferences, sessions and workshops in the departments of the College and supervising these events and submitting the outcomes of these events to the University of Mosul to confirm these events.
  • Handling the processes of writing the books and the publications by the academic staff.
  • Handling the processes of the published papers by the academic staff to receive acknowledgments from the University.
  • Informing the Scientific Affairs Unit in the University of Mosul by the activates of our staff in the other universities.
  • Managing the posted income letters and the recommendation sets by the Deans of the College and answering the post.

Vision: Making the University of Mosul as a unique and distinguished by scientific research of a creative nature that addresses the problems of current society and contributes an effective role to the development and cultural prosperity of the university and the region in various fields.

Massage: Employing fixable procedures to finalizing the academic activates harmonically with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research in order to achieve general benefits.

Goals: Encouraging the academic staff and the postgraduate students to publish their works in prestigious journals scientific journals. Moreover, increasing the number of the conferences and workshops and other educational activities to reach high-quality scientific regulations to ensure the ability development of our researchers


Mrs. Hadeel Zuhair Shaker

Responsible for the Scientific Affairs Division

Email: [email protected]