Our College in Brief

About the College

The College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering is one of the colleges established in 2013. Its creation had a wide resonance in the scientific and academic circles at the level of the Republic of Iraq and the Arab world. The college includes three scientific engineering departments specialized in the fields of minerals, oil and related methods of research, exploration and extraction from various mineral ores, oil and gas in nature. This year, the college started receiving students who graduated from preparatory studies in its scientific branch, with rates not less than 94.2%. The teaching staff of this college was from the departments and centers of the faculties of the University of Mosul and those who had the competence in teaching the various curricula in its three departments. This college is also characterized by the preparation of engineers in the fields of oil, gas, mines and various minerals.

The college departments are:

  1. Department of Petroleum and Refining Engineering.

  2. Department of Mining Engineering.

  3. Department of Oil Reservoir Engineering.