Vision, Mission and Objectives


Iraq is considered one of the great oil countries, its land reserves float on explored and unexplored oil reservoirs, and it also possesses the second reserves of oil in the world, its production has a strong resonance and influence in the global oil markets. Oil is a major national wealth on which the Iraqi economy is based and regard as the source of life for the Iraqis. All of this was demonstrated by the University of Mosul adopting the establishment of the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering. From this standpoint, the college seeks to be distinguished locally, in the Arab world, and globally by obtaining international academic accreditation for all its educational programs and in all its departments, in which primary and higher degrees are granted and an exchange relationship is built with international universities and international oil companies to reach high levels of performance for faculty members and students. . And in order to qualify oil engineering cadres who are able to use advanced technologies and equipment and put them in the oil fields to help increase production and custodians of their national wealth.


One of the priorities of the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering is to qualify advanced engineering cadres in the fields of investing in the natural resources of the country such as oil, gas and other natural minerals to raise oil and mining engineering to the level of advanced sciences so that it can gain the attention of society in all its segments as a leading oil institution capable of preparing engineering cadres to work in all fields of oil and to ensure Investing it optimally and ensuring the development of teaching staff and students, and through them maintaining the continuity of production, increasing it, improving the quality, and marketing it to global markets.

College Goals

  1. Work on educating society about the importance of oil as a major national wealth that supports the country’s economy.

  2. Improving students’ capabilities and developing their ability to think and analyze creatively.

  3. Providing modern curricula, teaching methods and styles, and their constant development to match the global development in this field.

  4. Cultivating lofty moral values ​​and a high national spirit through an integrated educational and educational climate.

  5. Preparing and qualifying oil engineers in a way that is commensurate with the responsibilities that await them at work sites through the role and responsibility entrusted to them in executing development plans in the country.

  6. Providing scientific advice to institutions and bodies related to oil and mining technology and its techniques, and coordinating with them in holding seminars, courses and joint workshops between the college cadres and departments.

College Logo

The logo included the following:

  1. The emblem took the University of Mosul model as its basis.

  2. The blue color indicates the color of the motto of the University of Mosul.

  3. The yellow color indicates gold, one of the precious metals.

  4. The color of the oil indicates the color of the crude oil.

  5. The book indicates knowledge.

  6. The tower on the right side of the book indicates the oil extraction tower.

  7. The image of the winged bull indicates the historical dimension of the city of Mosul.

  8. The year of establishment of the college in the Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

  9. The name of the college in Arabic and English.