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In the name of Allah , most merciful , most beneficiary praise belongs to Allah , peace be upon his prophet Mohammed and his famiy and followers . Deanestry of college of basic education that was established in 1993 to present its guide for the academic year , a short summary of its nature , vision , mission , goals and the departments , divisions , units and activities . since its establishment , the college equipped Iraq and Nineveh with qualified staffs of leaders of teaching and education through its outputs of university teachers depending on the gifts of developed curriculae of Arab and global universities that provide knowledge , information , necessary specialized skills to make society adaptable to social changes , face academic challenges cherrish morals and apply them to everyday life. Read more

Assistant Prof. Dr. Safa Aldeen Abdulla Sulyman Altaie

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College of Basic Education in brief

The college was established in (1993 AD), under the name of the Teachers College, and it seeks to prepare an educational elite that is scientifically and educationally qualified to teach in basic education schools (primary and intermediate), in order to develop the educational and educational reality, as well as scientific research in its various cognitive and applied aspects. The college also seeks to publish Knowledge in various disciplines to achieve scientific development in Iraq. In the year (2001 AD) postgraduate studies (Masters) were opened in the Department of Special Education (basic education instructions) in various specializations and developed at a steady pace until it was. Read more


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