Dean Speech


Dean’s speechIn the name of Allah , most merciful , most beneficiaryPraise belongs to Allah , peace be upon his prophet Mohammed and his famiy and followers . Deanestry of college of basic education that was established in 1993 to present its guide for the academic year , a short summary of its nature , vision , mission , goals and the departments , divisions , units and activities . since its establishment , the college equipped Iraq and Nineveh with qualified staffs of leaders of teaching and education through its outputs of university teachers depending on the gifts of developed curriculae of Arab and global universities that provide knowledge , information , necessary specialized skills to make society adaptable to social changes , face academic challenges cherrish morals and apply them to everyday life . Now our college consists of 11 departments that provide their students satisfied academic environment depending on modern academic resources and references as well as new developed electronic means and labs that needed by both teachers and students .post graduate studies developed in quantity and quality . Out of 11 departments , six began giving M.A.Studies . Doctorate of philosophy began in Arabic language in literature . There is an intention to begin linguistics in Arabic language , as well as history and physical education and sport sciences due to qualified staff . the magazine of the college proved its place as dignified respected magazines in university of mosul as well as obtain the trust of researcers inside and outside university . the college held 5 conferences , 7 symposiums as well as countless courses of continuous learning to serve society , a unique feature of our college since 2009 . The deanestry spares no effort to acieve quality standards and create educational guidance unit . In order to develop staff , define and develop curriculae , our college built bridges of academic collaboration between similar colleges inside and outside university of mosul . We wish the best for ever who prepaed this scopus , staff and that Allah guide us to the way to serve our university , city and iraqAssistant professor doctor Safaaldeen abdullah suleimanDean of college