Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision , message and goals of collegeVision :Achieve excellence and pioneer in teaching , scientific research , serving society to be house of experience nationally to reach status of distinuished colleges regionally and globallyMessage :College of basic education is a scientific educational college aiming at graduating qualified teachers in kindergarten , special education and basic education schools , provide students academic , professional morals , enable them to use modern means in methodologies and techniques , evaluation and practice relevant academic actvities as well as mastering their speciality and perfecting performance in practical education . college seeks elevating scientific educational research , society , continuous learning and integrated qualityCollege aims at :1-enforce believe in allah , moral and ethical values2-solify citizinship , belonging to homeland and preserve its foundations3-give students appropraite related skills in methodologies , its ways , techniques and styles4-develop students erformance and creative skills in linguistic , educational , technical information and artificial sides5-provide students with advanced academic knowledge in their speciality in theory and practice6-present distinguished educational academic output in quality and quantity to accumulate knowledge develop occupational practices and meet the needs of educational field7-develop society through contribution in training programs , field practices within the frame of partnership with civil society foundations , regional and global institutions