Department of General Sciences

Ass.Pr.Dr Rawa Tariq H.

Head of Department

The Department of General Sciences was established in 1993 to prepare graduates holding a bachelor’s degree to teach in the basic education stage (primary and intermediate) (university teacher). This stage is considered very important because of the psychological and cognitive aspects it contains in establishing and maintaining positive rules and establishing a knowledge base of student information to help him in Developing all its fields and to be able to communicate with the development in methods and curricula and the diversity of teaching methods, as the study period in the Science Department: four years. Awarding certificates: Bachelor of Education in Chemistry, Bachelor of Education in Biology, Bachelor of Education in Physics. Number of faculty members: (49) On permanent staffing, as the number of teaching staff holding a doctorate degree is (17) and the number of teaching staff holding a master’s degree is (32). Number of employees: 5 on permanent staffing.




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Curriculum vitae Lectures via power point
Application Research of teaching staff
Vision, mission, and objectives Letters and theses
Links of teaching and learning Graduation projects
Lectures Written books
Academic descriptions Educational subjects
Teaching staff Descriptions of academic subjects
Schedule Results of students
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