Academic Recognition

College of Engineering at Mosul University receives Iraqi Accreditation Certificate IQAS

The Ministry of Planning/Iraqi Accreditation Authority (IQAS) granted the international accreditation certificate to the laboratories of College of Engineering at University of Mosul in accordance with the requirements of the standard (ISO IEC 17025/2017) after it fulfilled all the requirements and general international standards for the eligibility of testing and calibration laboratories.

This accreditation was obtained in several major tests for construction materials, metallurgical, chemical, polymer, environmental, electrical and electronic devices available in the departments of civil, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering of College of Engineering .

The President of University of Mosul,  Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmady, congratulated the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Abdulrahim Ibrahim Jasim and all the college’s members and students for their college obtaining this accreditation, stressing that the achievements of the College have increased recently, which increases its responsibilities towards the student, the educational process, and society. Also, indicated that the University of Mosul’s obtaining international and local accreditations enhances its Its scientific standing, and enhances the efficiency of its educational outcomes .

In turn, the Dean of College of Engineering expressed his thanks and gratitude for the great role played by the President of the University and his standing with the College on all occasions. The Dean also expressed his happiness at completing the requirements for academic accreditation and obtaining the international certificate, and added that the activity The college will continue at an increasing pace after obtaining membership and raising the level of the college towards advanced positions among international universities and colleges.

The college seeks to make all possible efforts to adopt new horizons in university education and adopt international quality standards because this will lead to positive changes capable of providing the requirements for progress and development. The college is in the real place in building and developing the country . It is worth noting that the accreditation obtained will provide official recognition of the competence and merit of laboratories that possess that competence, and thus it provides customers with a means to choose reliable and reliable testing and calibration services, and with the aim of maintaining this recognition, it will be restored Laboratories are periodically evaluated by the accreditation body to ensure their continued compliance with accreditation requirements and to ensure that they maintain the same level of service .