Dean Speech

Dear visitors to the official website of College of Engineering – University of Mosul

Best regards and respect…

Based on the principle of achieving the integrative growth of University of Mosul and meeting society’s requirements and the labour market and a commitment to support and develop scientific research and invest human and material energies, College of Engineering at University of Mosul felt the need to play its role in engineering education with an inspiring and ambitious vision and lofty goals. We are in this ancient college that was founded in 1963 It is one of the oldest colleges in University of Mosul. We strive to keep pace with scientific development in all engineering fields, especially engineering education, and to graduate qualified engineers who are committed to the ethics of the profession, in addition to supporting and encouraging scientific research and following the professional method in addressing challenges in society in partnership with other institutions.

The college has ambitious plans to adopt and apply the Bologna process, follow the best modern methods of education, create and open distinct research horizons in the field of renewable energies, reduce environmental pollution, and advance sustainable development in Iraq. In addition to striving to include Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal within the global containers.

Finally, I say with confidence that College of Engineering at University of Mosul will be one of the distinguished and pioneering colleges in all engineering fields and providing scientific and advisory services to the community.


Dean of College of Engineering