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In order to achieve the integrative growth of Mosul University and to meet the needs of the community and a commitment to support and develop scientific research and investment of human potential, Mosul University felt the need to play its role in engineering education, as university has sought to obtain the approval of the establishment of the college of Engineering at Mosul University since 1963. Read More

Prof. Dr. Abdulrahim Ibrahim Jasim

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College of Engineering was established in 1963, beginning with Department of Civil Engineering, and was affiliated with University of Baghdad at that time, in order to prepare the required engineering staff and cadres. In September 1964, Department of Electrical Engineering was added. After the establishment of University of Mosul on April 1st, 1967, College of Engineering became one of the colleges affiliated to University of Mosul. The first class in Department of Civil Engineering was graduated in the same year. Then it was decided to open new departments to be added to the Deanship of College of Engineering, which are mechanical engineering and agricultural engineering (currently, Dams and water resources engineering), in September of the same year. Read More


Department of Civil Engineering is considered one of the first departments established at the College of Engineering in 1963 at the University of Mosul. Teaching in the department started at the same year and the first class graduated was in 1967. In addition to the bachelor’s degree offered, the Civil Engineering Department offers graduate degrees in Structures, Geotechnics, and Transportation and Highway Engineering. Read More

The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in September of the academic year 1964-1965, which was then affiliated with the College of Engineering – University of Baghdad. After the establishment of the University of Mosul on the first of April 1967, the following department joined with the Department of Civil Engineering. Read More

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the Engineering College departments at Mosul University, and is founded in 1967. Scientific branch high School graduate students are accepted in this department. The duration of the academic study is four years at rewords students awarded B.Sc. degree. Read More

Dams and Water Resources Engineering Department is one of the oldest scientific departments of the College of Engineering at the University of Mosul, as its foundation back to the year 1967. The study in the department includes well-studied syllabus and spread over four years, ensuring the graduates information qualifies them to work in the public and private sectors as a successful engineers. Read More

The department of architectural engineering was founded on April, 1967 and the study was stopped In (1978-1979) the department was re-opened, and the first course of architects was graduated in (1982-1983).The department awards (B.Sc) degree in architecture with in a period of five years. Read More

The Department of Computer Engineering established in 1998 for the purpose of graduating specialized engineers in computer engineering. This specialization includes the following studies:1) Circuit design.2) Circuits necessary to connect the calculator with external accessories.3) Build the necessary software to run external accessories.4) networks.5) Control.6) Signal processing in real time. Read More

Mechatronics engineering is a modern specialization that combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering. This specialization is growing rapidly day by day due to need for it in modern real-world applications. The mechatronics engineering department was established in 2005, the department award the bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering. Read More

The Department of Environmental Engineering is an important branch of engineering concerned with the application of scientific and engineering principles for protection of human populations from the effects of adverse environmental factors; protection of environments, both local and global, from potentially deleterious effects of natural and human activities; and improvement of environmental quality. Read More


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