Overview of Department – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the Engineering College departments at Mosul University, and is founded in 1967. Scientific branch high School graduate students are accepted in this department.The duration of the academic study is four years at rewords students awarded B.Sc. degree. This duration was amended to five years between 1970 and 1974, and then to four years since then.The department introduced in 1976 higher diploma followed by M.Sc. degree, and then, in 1992, courses for the Ph.D. degree in the field of air conditioning and thermal power, and then, followed by applied mechanics, and production and metallurgy. The duration of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees is two and three years respectively, supported by suitable research project. Ph.D. degree candidates are also required to pass an overall exam prior to the research project.During the session of 1995-1996 three branches for the undergraduate degree established which are, general mechanic, thermal power and heating system and production and metallurgy. These branches proceed at the beginning of the B.Sc. degree course.In 2008/2009 the three above branches were replaced by one branch which is (general mechanic).The department aims to propose qualified mechanical engineers with high technical and academic level to serve the industrial and academic establishments. There engineers participate in solving the society problems which are related to their experience in mechanical engineering. I addition, they take port in all academic activities keeping these activity in continuous development. More one, this department participate with other, universities and academic establishments in an all research activities and exchanges data and experience. The mechanical engineering department helps the private sector with the required scientific consultancies which are important in developing and improving the performance.