Vision, Message and Goals

Vision:The quality requirements on global level and the creation of an active role of the Civil Engineering Department (CED) among other departments in the country can be achieved by the development of curricula for undergraduate and postgraduate studies; a research program for scientific and administrative staff; and expand of the services provided to the community.

Message: Setting up of an advanced program leading to the creation of sophisticated engineering staff that has ability to diagnose and solve engineering problems in the domain of CED. In addition, to improve the outlook of the (CED) location in the community through escalation and expansion of public and private service; continuing education programs, and advisory services provided by Engineering Consulting Bureau (ECB).


  1. Development of scientific research to attain a remarkable level of quality requirements.
  2. Development of scientific laboratories to ensure the functioning of the educational process and research, and give students professional experience in (CE) applications.
  3. Development of the teaching staff through the abroad, workshop courses, leave of absence and connecting (CED) with other departments in advanced worldwide universities.
  4. Ongoing review of the curriculum to develop the level of scientific parallel to community needs.
  5. Guide the student to work with his colleagues as teamwork.
  6. Accommodate and diagnose problems related (CE) domain through creation of personalized engineering graduate.
  7. Serving the community effectively and efficiently through qualified and able graduates.
  8. Continuity of communication with alumni through scientific conferences, seminars, regular social events, and continuing education courses.
  9. Advisory services provided to community through (ECB).
  10. Awarding graduates “diploma degree” through comprehensive study programs (one academic year).
  11. Presentation of postgraduate programs to feed and enrich the community with postgraduate degrees specialist (MSc. and Ph.D.) in structural engineering, soil mechanics, and transportation engineering domain.