Vision, Message and Goals

Department of Environmental Engineering

Vision: Leadership and excellence in environmental engineering in education, research, and application.

Message: Consolidating the role of environmental engineering in community, raising the level of the graduate and developing his ability to compete in the labor market with high professionalism and employing it in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.


  1. The department is keen that the academic programs it adopts are tight and sober, and the approved curricula are constantly updated to keep pace with the requirements of the challenges of the times and the labor market, which enhances the intellectual capabilities of the department’s graduates and develops in them the creative side.
  2. Urging both faculty members and students of the department to carry out scientific research and highlight its active role in achieving benefit for society by protecting the environment and solving its real problems,
  3. Continuous development of the department’s human resources from faculty and administrative staff, while providing opportunities for the distinguished among them to highlight their talents and make their mark, which will reflect positively on the department in particular and on the college in general, in accordance with quality standards and academic and institutional accreditation.
  4. Develop the ethical and professional sides of each of the faculty members and the administrative staff of the department, with the consolidation of the ethics of the profession among students and the principles of practical practice thereof, and the establishment of the principle of teamwork and awareness-raising thought aimed at protecting the environment and serving the community,
  5. Maintaining communication with the department’s graduates, following up on them continuously and interacting with them, in a way that ensures the achievement of the department’s mission,
  6. Opening up towards academic and community institutions and strengthening bonds of association with them through constructive and fruitful cooperation at all scientific and applied levels, thus contributing to the development of the environment and the improvement of all its facilities,
  7. The department believes in transparency and presents the positives and negatives to all its employees, with the aim of addressing the negatives and supporting the positives. It also pledges to work with integrity, in order to achieve justice and enhance trust, credibility and institutional accountability. Appreciating the creative and distinguished, scientifically or intellectually, urging them to continue and supporting them continuously