Vision, Message and Goals

Vision: The leading role in education and scientific research process in Architectural Engineering and its arts, and the contribution to sustainable national development.

Message: Quality and excellence in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development by preparing creative architects who are able to compete, lead, and ​ Sustain of scientific research to serve the community.


1 . Linking Architecture to relevant engineering disciplines as a basic building block for the renaissance of cities, confirming the role of architecture in building the community and developing the environment in which it lives.

2. Preparing graduates architects in accordance with scientific norms that would enable them to practice the architectural profession including architectural and urban design, city planning, design of internal and external spaces as well as the preservation of heritage and antiquities.

3. To implement clear practical programs that deal with the details of sustainable technology without neglecting the standards of architectural beauty, keeping pace with the development taking place in developed countries by providing an architectural educational program based on modern technologies associated with recent developments in engineering and art.

4. Paying attention to the quality of the architectural learning process by selecting updated curricula and completing self-assessment reports for academic accreditation.

5. Empowering the faculty staff in Department of Architecture by increasing the percentage of PhD holders compared to a master’s degree.

6. Paying attention to adopt applied scientific research and the design of applied projects to build partnerships and relationships with distinguished institutions and universities.

7. Enhancing the capabilities and skills of Alumni by opening specialized continuing education courses; keeping contact with them in a way that supports the achievement of the department’s mission.