Dean Speach

Speech of Mr. Dean

Hello and peace be upon you. It is my pleasure and joy to welcome you to the Nursing College at Mosul University, where you will find abundant information about the college, its activities, and its distinguished events. The Nursing College was established in 1993 to be a leading source of qualified nursing staff capable of efficiently dealing with all acute and chronic medical conditions at a high level of quality across all three levels of healthcare (preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative). This is in response to the requirements of the Iraqi society and to keep pace with scientific developments at the local, regional, and global levels.

Since its inception, the college has been awarding Bachelor’s degrees in nursing. The journey has continued at a fast and steady pace through its academic plans, aiming to improve the quality of educational outputs capable of handling scientific advancements and modern technologies. The Master’s program in nursing was launched in 1998 to provide Nineveh Province, especially, and Iraq in general, with nursing leaders capable of managing and treating various medical conditions through proper scientific analysis and critical thinking, utilizing the outputs and results of scientific research in the nursing process.

The college seeks to elevate the scientific level of its academic and research curricula, as well as its local and international scientific reputation, in response to the requirements for accreditation and global excellence, aligning with the vision, philosophy, and mission of the university. This is made possible through the support of the active university administration, which provides all the requirements and supplies in a unique scientific manner, responding to the importance of the nursing profession. We look forward to the future with a comprehensive vision to launch a Ph.D. program in nursing.

Dear student, human beings are honored by God Almighty, and choosing the nursing profession is one of the noblest professions known to humanity. This imposes on you the obligation to show compassion, mercy, respect, and good treatment to the individuals who are in desperate need of your care, providing optimal nursing care with high scientific quality when they are at their weakest.

I advise you to be diligent, cautious, and strive to obtain information from respecting your teachers, collaborating with them, and raising your behaviors to a high level consistent with the ethics of this profession. As for my fellow faculty member, the student is the cornerstone in the educational process based on the principle of participation between the teacher and the student, encouraging communication and breaking environmental barriers to impart theoretical and practical educational skills in a correct educational manner. This is done by encouraging and motivating the student, stimulating critical thinking to develop their scientific abilities and capacities through linking scientific material with the reality and needs of society.

I recommend providing high-quality education and training, modern and advanced educational techniques through pioneering goals and strategies based on encouraging active participation with students, stimulating their creativity and talents. It is my great pleasure and joy to witness the rapid development and qualitative leaps in the journey of the college, with high-quality educational increases, manifested by the increased interest in this humanitarian profession. This is seen through the increased number of students wishing to join the Nursing College and the diversity and development of programs and educational paths. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to supporting this fragrant journey at the level of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which encourages science and scientists and believes in the development of the educational process to a global level. Thanks also extend to Mosul University, represented by its president and esteemed council, working diligently to implement high-quality global scientific strategies. Special thanks go to the college’s staff, including administrators, faculty members, students, and all those who have made efforts to elevate the college to the high level that the university aspires to.

May God grant success. Dr. Salwa Hazem Al-Mukhtar, Dean.