Dean Speach

Speech of Mr. Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the College of Nursing at the University of Mosul, where you will find ample information about the nursing college’s activities and effectiveness. The college deals with all diseased and provided cases at a high level of quality and scientific rigor in the three levels of healthcare (preventive, curative, and rehabilitative).

Since its inception, the college has been offering a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Through its study plans aimed at raising the quality of educational outputs capable of dealing with scientific developments and modern technologies, the college has progressed steadily. The first master’s program in nursing was launched in 1998 AD to provide the governorate of Nineveh, in particular, and Iraq, in general, with nursing leaders who are capable of managing, treating, and making the appropriate decisions when dealing with various pathological cases through correct scientific analysis, critical thinking, and the use of the outputs and results of scientific research in the nursing process.

The college seeks to raise the scientific level of academic and research curricula as well as the local and international scientific reputation in response to the requirements of obtaining international accreditation and excellence vision, philosophy, and mission of the university. With the support of the active university administration that provides all requirements and supplies in a unique scientific manner, the college responds to the interest in the nursing profession. We look forward to the future with a holistic view of launching the PhD program in nursing.

Dear student, human beings have been honored by God Almighty and have been elevated and honored. The nursing profession that you have chosen is one of the highest professions known to mankind, which requires you to provide kindness, mercy, respect, and good treatment to those in dire need. Optimum nursing care of high scientific quality is at its weakest. I advise you to be diligent, careful, diligent, and strive to obtain information, the source of which is respect for teachers, cooperation with them, and raising your behavior to a high level that rises to the behavior and ethics of this profession.

As for my fellow faculty members, the student is the cornerstone of the educational process based on the principle of participation between the teacher and the student, encouraging communication and breaking environmental barriers to provide them with theoretical and practical educational skills in a correct educational manner. We should encourage, motivate, stimulate the students and develop their critical thinking to link the scientific material with reality and the needs of society. We recommend providing high-quality education training, modern and advanced educational technologies through pioneering goals and strategies based on encouraging active participation with students and stimulating their creativity and talents.

Humanity is represented by increasing the number of students wishing to enroll in the College of Nursing and the development of diverse educational programs and paths. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to supporting this fragrant march at the level of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which encourages science scientists and believes in the development of the educational process to a global level. Thanks are extended to the college’s employees, including administrators, faculty members, male and female students, for the efforts made to raise the college to the high level that the university aspires to.

God bless you all.

Dean of the College

Prof.Dr. Salwa Hazem Al-Mukhtar

Bn.Sc. MSc. PhD. ( maternal nursing)