Team sport branch

Team sport branch is considered as one of sports education college branches, and it is specialized in teaching team sports(football,basketball,volleyball,handball for the fourth stages of studying ).Team sports branch is established in 1990,after the division of games branch in to two branches ,team sport branch and individual sport branch .The branch contains teaching staff their number is (29) lecturers (5)of them are full professors and (10) assistants professors and (5)lecturers and (6)assistants lecturers .The philosophy of team sport branch come from the philosophy of the college to contribute the society with specialized athlete staff to teach and train team sport in the schools ,universities ,and youth clubs. The branch and society presents team sports with imposing services through opening halls for training governorate teams and clubs not to mention its co-operation with branch committees for these games in instituting training and arbitrary cycles depending on Olympic committee .Now Dr. Hashem A. Suleiman is administering the branch .